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CAF Projects

Completed Projects:

Update of the Campbell Sign (2019)

The Foundation worked with Love Signs of Grand Island to update the Campbell Sign located on Highway 4.  The previous sign was built by Bill & Brent Loschen around 1970 and served the community for several years.

Completed Sign:

2019 Campbell Sign 2019 Campbell Sign 1

Previous Sign:

Previous Campbell Sign

Sound System @ American Legion Hall Project (2019)

The Foundation worked with CEI Security & Sound, Kevin Hansen to upgrade the speakers and amplifier with the Legion Hall.  The new system provides a variety of options for microphones and bluetooth connectivity.

Basketball Court Conversion/Improvement Project (2018)

The Foundation has hired Premier Construction, Jason L’Heureux to replace the concrete in the old tennis court at the City Park.  After replacing concrete, new basketball hoops will be installed and lines painted which will transform the old tennis court into a functional basketball court.  There are two hoops set lower for smaller children and two hoops at standard height.

After the project was complete:

BB Court

Boulevard Improvement Project (2017)

The Foundation worked with Summit Masonry from Hastings to construct a monument at the top of the boulevard to improve the appearance.  In addition, underground sprinklers were installed to ensure the boulevard looks great all year long.  The Foundation obtained grants from Glenwood Telephone Membership Corporation and Southern Power Round Up Grant.

After project was complete:

American Legion Bathroom & Bar Area Project (2016)

The Foundation has contracted with Gaynor’s Construction Management (Gaynor Collison) to remodel the bathrooms at the American Legion building.  The final project will be three separate bathrooms: one male bathroom with 2 urinals and 1 toilet, one female bathroom with 3 toilets, and one family bathroom that is handicap accessible and has a baby changing station.  The Foundation obtained grants from: Glenwood Telephone Membership Corporation, The Home Depot Foundation, Franklin County Community Foundation, Southern Power Round Up Grant, and Walmart.

Before Remodel Pictures:

before-12 before-13 before-14 before-15 before-11

After Remodel Pictures:

img_3965 img_3964 img_3963 img_3962 img_3961

New Carpeting in Community Hall (2015)

The Foundation, in partnership with the Senior Meals Group and a donation from Dale & Sharon Frisbie, will be replacing the carpet in the Community Hall. The current carpet is stained from years of use. New carpet will be commercial grade squares that can easily be replaced in the event of a spill that cannot be cleaned. The carpet was purchased from Blue Hill Furniture was installed the end of 2015.

Community Hall Carpet Before:                         Community Hall Carpet After:

carpet-1                         new-carpet-1

Surfacing under Park Equipment (2015)

The Foundation completed a surfacing project under the playground equipment at the park.  The project removed the gravel and railroad ties that were old and needing repair.  They were replaced with Ecoturf Poured in Place surfacing.  This surfacing has a six-foot fall height (making it safer for children in the event they fall off the playground equipment).  In addition, this particular surfacing should hold up much better in the Nebraska weather because it’s one piece, rather than separate pieces that can warp.  The Foundation completed this project with additional funding from Southern Power Round Up program, CPI-Campbell, and a Glenwood Telephone Membership Corporation Community Grant.

 The new Ecoturf Poured in Place surfacing is more durable, easier to take care of, and safer for children to play on.

Below:  The park equipment after the new surfacing was poured.

After Picture 1

Before Picture

Above: The park equipment before the new surfacing was poured.

Electronic Sign Downtown (2015)

The Foundation and Campbell Chamber of Commerce partnership to replace the old manual marquis with an electronic sign that has animation, color, and can be changed from the touch of a keyboard.  The new electronic sign is used more often as several messages can be displayed at once.  The new electronic sign lights up downtown Campbell.  The Foundation and Chamber received a Glenwood Telephone Membership Corporation Community Grant to assist in the funding of this project.

old sign

The old marquee above was replaced…

completed sign use

The new electronic sign can have multiple messages displayed.  The new electronic sign can display colors and animation.

American Legion Floor Refurbish, American Legion Auxiliary Kitchen Update, Round Tables (2014)

The Foundation worked with the American Legion Auxiliary to update the kitchen.  A new commercial grade refrigerator and stove was purchased for the kitchen.  The Foundation also aided in the wiring of the kitchen to allow more outlets to support several roasters, rearranging of cupboards for optimal usage, and donation of freezer.  The updated kitchen is much easier to serve large crowds.

The Foundation made a sizable donation to the American Legion for the floor refurbishment project.  The refurbished floors look great!

The Foundation purchased 35 eight foot round tables for use with the American Legion Hall.  The round tables provide an alternative seating arrangement to groups renting the hall.

School Bell Lot Improvement (2013)

Once the school bell monument project was complete, the Foundation began the landscaping project.  Two old rotten trees were taken down, dirt work to level the lot was completed and sod and sprinklers were installed.  In addition, a new cement sidewalk was poured with assistance from the Village of Campbell.  A donation from the Ann and Bud Soucie Family provided funds to install a white plastic fence to finish off the project.  The downtown lot looks great!!  The Foundation received a Glenwood Telephone Membership Corporation Community Grant to assist with this project.

Campbell School Bell monument completed.                     Campbell School Bell monument completed.

School Bell Monument (2012)


Campbell High School Bell before refurbishment.

The first project completed by the Campbell Area Foundation was the revitalization of the Campbell High School bell.  A monument was constructed by Summit Masonry of Hastings.  Bricks can still be purchased to be engraved for $150.  Knehans Auto Body (Travis Knehans) refurbished and repainted the original school bell.  The bell was placed on the top of the completed monument in downtown Campbell.  The downtown lot was razed to begin the project.  South Central State Bank provided the funding to tear down the old post office.  Glenwood Telephone Membership Corporation Board of Directors donated to the project.

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