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On September 18, 1889, the German Presbyterian Church was organized. At a later date, the church name was First Presbyterian Church. Eventually, the Church name was again changed to Westminster United Presbyterian Church. The governing bodies of Westminster are The Presbytery of Central Nebraska and The Synod of Lakes and Prairies. The present church building was completed in 1950 and the manse and garage north of Westminster was built in 1960.

It was voted in the fall of 1976, to adopt the Unicameral Form of Government for Westminster. The present governing body of Westminster has nine Session members. Sunday School is held for children and adults on Sundays at 9:00 a.m. and Church Service is 10:00 a.m. Each summer, Bible School is held, and the Sunday School teachers help in organizing the teaching. Westminster Fellowship is an active group of young people under the supervision of three adult sponsors. They are active in various missions and also are responsible for the highway clean-up on several miles of Highway 4. They often serve concessions for various activities with most of the proceeds going to various missions. Presbyterian Women is an organization for all women of the Church. They work with various mission activities and supervise the luncheons held after funerals, and on occasion also serve meals for other activities. They meet on the first Thursday of each month, except during the summer months. Each year in the month of May they have a Spring Tea, where women from other churches and communities are invited. This usually involves a certain mission where the free-will collection is sent. The Spring Tea in May of 2011 was the 58th Spring Tea.

The Memorial Committee is responsible for the memorials that the Church receives. They have recently up-dated the memorial plaques that show the names of those that have had a memorial given in their name to the Church.

The Cemetery Committee is in charge of the up-keep of the cemetery. They lay-out the grave sites, mow the grass, and the general upkeep of the cemetery. The Committee has recently removed unwanted trees from the cemetery and have received a grant from Glenwood in helping to purchase memorial stones for some of the unmarked graves. A Cemetery Improvement Committee was established this past year and several improvements have been made.  A directory is being erected in the
middle part of the cemetery which will be a great help in finding locations of the graves of loved ones.  A flag pole has also been donated by a family in honor of their loved ones, donations have been received and are very much appreciated.

The Church is privileged to have a minister and his wife to minister our congregation.  The Pastor is at the office of the Church two days a week and of course for the Sunday services.  There are presently 119 active members and several friends of the Church members that make up our congregation.  The attendance for Sunday Services averages around 70+.

Westminster has celebrated its 100th Anniversary and the congregation is looking for to 2014, when they will be celebrating the 125th Anniversary!  Further early history of Westminster can be found in Along and Beyond the Little Blue, a Centennial History of Campbell, Nebraska that is available at the Campbell public library.

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