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Campbell Area Foundation

To strengthen our community both now and for future generations by providing leadership and encourage giving through donations.


The Campbell Area Foundation was formed by a group of citizens who would like to see improvements made within the Campbell community.  The two primary goals of the foundation are:

1.   Identify projects in Campbell which would benefit a majority of the community.
2.   Raise funds through private donations, fundraisers and grants.


All giving options have varied tax advantages to the donor.  The Campbell Area Foundation members will evaluate a donors giving, review with legal counsel, and provide information that is appropriate to the gift.

  • Cash Gifts:  A gift of cash/check is the easiest way to contribute.  Donors who make gifts of cash or check are eligible for a charitable deduction in the year the gift is made.
  • Deferring Grain:  By transferring ownership of grain , individuals can recognize the expense while deferring the income to the Foundation.
  • Securities: Stocks may be donated as a charitable gift.  Donors are eligible for a tax deduction for the fair market value of the stock.
  • Real Estate:  Gifts of residential, commercial, or agricultural real estate are handled on an individual basis.
  • Personal Property:  Gifts of personal property are managed on a case by case basis.
  • Deferred or Planned Giving:  There are several different options available and are handled on an individual basis.
  • Bequests:  Donations to the Foundation of an estate is accepted and will be managed per the legal directive of the donor.

Click Here to See Current & Previous Projects Completed!!


The Foundation holds an annual Fundraiser in February to raise funds for upcoming projects.  The Fundraiser consists of dinner, various types of entertainment, and silent auction.

Previous fundraisers include:

Foundation members include: President: Kelly Trambly
Vice President: LuAnn Kosse
Secretary: Barb Choquette
Treasurer: Joyce Lang

Executive Board Member:  Todd Kral


Terry Bauer

Reid Choquette

Mallary Egbers

Dennis & Kelly Erickson

Jerry Genereux

Tori Karr

Janene Kolbet

Catie Kosse

Steph L’Heureux

Blake Meyer

Janet Meyer

Lila Rupprecht

Cody Simonton

Foundation Members

Campbell Area Foundation

PO Box 311
Campbell, NE  68932
Payable to:  Franklin County Community Foundation, Inc.
Memo Line: Campbell Area Foundation
Email Questions to:  campbellareafoundation@gmail.com

Legal Counsel & Agent:
Mr. Henry Schenker
c/o Duncan, Duncan,  Walker & Schenker
Attorneys at Law
Affiliation:  Franklin County Community Foundation, Inc.

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