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IRS Designation

All giving options have varied tax advantages to the donor.

The Campbell Area Foundation is an established Trust with the Franklin County Community Foundation Inc.  The Franklin County Community Foundation Inc. is described by the Internal Revenue Code as a 501(c.)(3) corporation.  The non-profit status allows for all contributions to be tax deductible.

Franklin County Community Foundation, Inc.

The Franklin Foundation was established in November of 1994.  It serves all of Franklin County, Nebraska.  The Foundation manages funds for economic development, community improvement, school improvement, and has administered scholarships.

The Foundation has an investment plan formulated by the Board of Directors that places investments in stocks, in equity and in cash deposits.  Union Bank & Trust Company in Lincoln, NE manages the Investment portfolio.  Investment instruments include Stock, Treasury Bills, Certificates of Deposit, and Bonds.


Download the Campbell Area Foundation giving application.

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